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hi there!

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! Nice to meet you and we are glad you are here!

We are Tom and Cat and we are excited to tell you the story of our beautiful Trouble Brewing Coffee House here in Haddon Heights.

Until not long ago we were both mortgage bankers when we decided to follow our hearts and take a major turn in our careers: a coffee house turn!

We needed a break… A break from busy days and our hectic lifestyles. And what’s a better place to escape the craziness of your day than a “comfy”, friendly, perfect little coffee shop?!

We would frequent different coffee houses chatting with regulars, sipping their delicious coffee and specialty brews, and enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

We cherished that warm, cozy feeling of a cup of hot coffee in our hands and that feeling of joy it would bring to our hearts.

And one day it came to us that that was exactly what we wanted to do in our life – we needed to open a coffee shop and bring joy to as many people as we can!

Countless hours of research, sleepless nights and gallons of coffee consumed, – and here we are! Ready for you and your family to experience Trouble Brewing Coffee House, enjoy our high quality coffee and food, and spread the feeling of joy with everyone around you!

delicious coffee by
La Colombe


Why La Colombe? Because they have unparalleled expertise in coffee... Because they work directly with coffee farmers to source the best-tasting, most exotic, and rarest beans... Because they sample each delivery to ensure that the quality meets the specialty standard.

From dark-roasted classics to lighter, specialty coffees, La Colombe has every flavor note covered; and we are thrilled to share this rich coffee with our customers! 

“Best bloody espresso on the planet.” 
– Gordon Ramsay

“La Colombe searches the world to find the right beans and then roasts them with expert craftsmanship to achieve that special taste.” 
– Mario Batali 

“Thanks to La Colombe, each meal ends with the same quality with which it started.” 

– Marc Vetri

Why "Local" Matters 

 we care.

Here in "Trouble Brewing" we think that giving back to your community is a single most important thing you can do for people around you. Because the more you give, the more you receive in return. It's the small things that matter and make the most impact; so whether we need an accountant, architect or artist - we always go "local." 

We are proud to hire local people to serve our clients, because they know them the best; and we are proud to be able to offer delicious coffees by La Colombe, a local U.S. coffee roaster headquartered in Philadelphia. 

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